steel decking used for car park construction

Metpark Offers 50 Year Lifespan Guarantee

Metpark UK can now offer customers lifespan guarantees of up to half a century on Kingspan XP steel floor decking products, which are used extensively in the construction of single and multi-storey car parks.

The guarantee is being offered in partnership with Kingspan PLC.

The duration of the lifespan guarantee offered is dependent on the environmental category of the build site. However, even in the most aggressive C5 environments, Metpark UK and Kingspan are able to offer a significant lifespan.

Kingspan XP Composite Steel Car Decking

Kingspan XP is manufactured using MagnelisR, a flat carbon steel product coated on both sides with zinc aluminium magnesium alloy. The unique 3% magnesium composition provides self-healing on cut edges, scratches and perforations.

Kingspan XP provides three times better corrosion protection than standard galvanised steel, and this advantage increases in more aggressive environments.

About Magnelis

Watch this video for more detailed information on Magnelis.