At any one time 30% of city centre drivers are looking for a parking space

(Source: BPA)

Car Park Designers

Metpark UK benefits from an expert team of raised deck and multi-storey car park designers with considerable experience of delivering innovative car park solutions that maximise the potential of a car park.

We offer raised deck car park design and multi-storey car park design based on steel frame and composite reinforced concrete flooring construction solutions. 

Our car park designer services also include car park feasibility studies, car park planning applications and car park cost proposals. Each service is available independently as well as part of a full car park design service.

In the UK and across Europe, composite steel structures are widely adopted as the preferred car park design and build solution for both single level and multi-storey car park construction. 

The benefits of working with steel include fast and cost-effective construction and large unpropped spans. This provides column free parking bays and minimum floor to floor heights allowing car park designers the creative freedom of flexible layouts. 

Steel is robust and fire resistant, easy to maintain and vandal proof. It can also easily facilitate an ‘open façade’ car park design, where at least half of the external shell is air permeable, guaranteeing ample natural ventilation which is essential in the event of a fire in the building.

Car park life span and maintenance can be enhanced by the specification of Magnelis®, an improved zinc and magnesium coating suitable for the most demanding and aggressive C4 and C5 environments, which benefits from a manufacturer lifespan guarantee.

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Why Choose Metpark UK Car Park Designers?

As members of the British Parking Association, MetparkUK is committed to delivering best practice and leading the advancement of innovative car park design solutions. 

MetparkUK benefits from an expert team of car park designers and project managers with considerable experience of delivering composite steel structures across the UK. This knowledge, coupled with full and comprehensive Professional Indemnity Insurance, allows MetparkUK to offer a client focused multi-disciplined car park design service.

What Can Metpark Do for You?

Initial Design Concepts & Feasibility Studies

Full planning applications

3D modelling


Build cost budgets