raised deck car park from metpark uk car park designers and construction contractors

Car Park Design & Build Contract Complete

Metpark UK, specialist car park designers and car park construction contractors, completed work on a raised deck car park project in Fareham recently. These photographs show the finished car park.

Metpark UK’s in-house team of expert car park designers created a raised deck car park solution to offer the client nearly double the number of car parking spaces over the same footprint as their existing surface car park.

The car park design team organised feasibility studies, tree reports, highways reports, ground investigation surveys and topography surveys as part of a full car park planning application.

The car park planning application was successful and Metpark UK’s team of car park contractors moved on site to undertake a 16-week car park construction programme, which would deliver the client an additional 63 car parking spaces.

The raised deck car park was constructed using steel frame and composite car park decking, on which a reinforced concrete floor slab was cast. The car park design included a car park ramp up to the top deck.

As the client was keen for both a time and cost-efficient solution, Metpark UK specified Kingspan Multideck car park steel decking with engineered ends.  This is a manufacturing process unique to Kingspan where the ends of the cut steel decking are folded into a slope.  When using standard metal decking, an operative has to manually install end caps on the cut edges to prevent concrete seepage.  Engineered ends eliminate this requirement and therefore reduce timescales and labour costs.

Once the steel frame and composite concrete floors were constructed, Metpark UK installed crash barriers, steel access staircases, waterproof toppings and car park bay markings.  Metpark UK also installed electrical lighting systems to the ground and top deck.

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To discuss your next car park design and car park construction project, contact the Metpark UK team on 01695 566880 or contact us by email.