39 million daily journeys end at a parking space

(Source: BPA)

Car Park Construction

Metpark UK offers a comprehensive service for single and multi-storey car park construction. Our team of car park builders are experts when it comes to constructing parking solutions that are value engineered, cost effective, durable and secure.

Our steel car park structures are built using a combination of galvanised structural steel frame, composite steel decking, in situ concrete flooring and waterproof toppings. 

Steel Structure

Steel is the best material to use in car park construction because it satisfies all the requirements of good car park design and build.  It is proven to be one of the fastest methods of construction and can accommodate a wide range of car park layouts.

Steel is also lightweight, reducing foundation requirements, and extremely robust; it is fire retardant and can withstand vandalism. Steel car park construction is particularly beneficial where a new top deck car park is required over an existing surface level car park or as an extension to an existing multi-storey.

Composite Steel Deck
& Concrete Slab

Metpark UK is a leading approved supplier and installer of Kingspan Multideck steel floor decking. Kingspan Multideck offers industry leading durability and lifespan to first maintenance with the reassurance of a manufacturer warranty.

Galvanised steel decking is available in a range of profiles to suit all different types of car park construction. For most car park construction projects, Metpark UK frequently installs Kingspan Multideck MD80 V3 which is capable of delivering unpropped single spans of up to 5.4m. Alternatively, Kingspan Multideck MD146 can provide spans of up to 6.07m.

In addition, the bespoke car park deck, Kingspan Multideck MD206C (formerly Hoesch Additive Floor) can deliver unpropped spans of up to 5.6m and is powder coated for enhanced durability. Metpark is an approved supplier and installer of Kingspan Multideck MD206C. Over 3.5million square metres of MD206C has been installed in recent years on multi storey projects across Europe.

In aggressive C4 and C5 environments, the lifespan of the steel decking profiles can be further enhanced with Magnelis® corrosion protection, using Kingspan XP multideck products.

Painted decking systems can also be provided as a part of our steel car park structures which protect exposed floor deck from corrosion and prolong the life span whilst enhancing the aesthetic appearance. This is often used for visual floor level guidance, with different soffit colours on each parking level.

Steel decking is delivered to site in pre-cut lengths and pre-packaged bundles for easy on site handling and installation. This is a perfect solution for city centre projects where site access and space is often limited.

The composite steel floor is completed with an insitu concrete floor slab reinforced with traditional mesh and given a ‘powerfloat’ finish in preparation for the application of waterproof toppings.

Crash Barriers

Included in their car park construction service, Metpark UK will design, supply and install safety barrier systems for car parks that are in accordance with EN 1991-1 (BS6399) and BS 6180 – 2011.

The safety barrier solutions will be tailored to individual projects and include traditional wall, floor or structural mounted systems suited to anti-climb and zero bay footprint requirements. Column protection units, bollards, pedestrian barriers, speed restraint systems  and bespoke car park barrier solutions can also be incorporated.

Waterproof Toppings
& Markings

The car park waterproof toppings and line markings provided by Metpark UK are designed to offer outstanding longevity and maintain asset value.  They are built to withstand heavy traffic and the extremes of weather, whilst also protecting the structure from water. Full consideration is also given by our car park builders to satisfying stringent health and safety regulations regarding slip and skid resistance.

Tailored Solutions

Metpark UK is also able to design and install all lighting systems, Access Control and Renewable Technology Solutions.  Alternatively, the requirements of a clients’ own contractors can be accommodated into the build programme.

Please contact us to discuss your individual car park construction project requirements.