b'IntroductionMetparkUK is an accomplished provider of Steel car park decking systems can be specifieddesign and build services for single and multi- witha heavy-dutyMagneliscoatingsuitable forstorey car park structures.the most demanding and aggressive C4 and C5environments,which benefits from aThe company offers a full turn-key solution manufacturer lifespan guarantee.including car park planning applications, design,build and full fit out. Remedial surfacing as part Painted decking systems can be provided toof car park refurbishment is also offered by protect exposed floor deck from corrosion,MetparkUKs experienced team.prolong the life span and enhance the aestheticappearance and is often used for visual guidanceCar park construction has evolved dramatically with different soffit colours on each parking level. with steel frame and composite flooringproviding a cost effective fast track solution in MetparkUK can design and build a bespokecombination with large free spans and flexible single or multi-storey car park solution thatlayouts. The construction solution also allows the accommodates a projects specific requirements,easy application of renewable technologies, such all backed by a high level of Professionalas electric car charging points.Indemnity Insurance.'